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New Orleans Cajun, French-Creole Restaurant

NAWLINZ Bistro is the first restaurant in Ventura County that introduces fresh, new, and incredibly tasting Southern Cuisine. NAWLINZ Bistro is a Cajun, French-Creole eatery offering you the fusion of contemporary New Orleans French-Creole style cooking created by our Chef and co-owner Marcus Webster and co-owner George Pero. Chef Marcus created a flavorful menu inspired by his Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas roots. Menu items include Chef Marcus’ famous NAWLINZ Brandy Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Blackened or Fried Catfish, Oyster or Shrimp Po’boys. Even native Creoles will find Chef Marcus’ Cajun Fried Chicken and Andouille Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya authentic and just like Mom used to make!

Our restaurant is proudly operated with Southern hospitality and our customers enjoy viewing their NAWLINZ fare being sautéed, flambéed and made to order with the freshest of ingredients and seasonings. Come over and you will be greeted with a delicious sample of our house specialty – authentic homemade roux based Gumbo, better known from the menu as NAWLINZ Brandy Chicken, and Sausage Gumbo served with a side of French Quarter garlic bread.

“To help celebrate my sister and brother-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary, Chef Marcus Webster of NAWLINZ Bistro, prepared and served a meal we are still talking about! From appetizers to dessert, we tasted and felt the care that he and his staff put into our ‘feast’. Marcus and his staff were professional, accommodating, and delightful. Before we needed to ask, they seemed to know when to be there with what we needed. Our evening was a success, in large part, thanks to Chef Marcus!!!
~ Sue Miles ~”

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About Chef Marcus


The menu and decor of the restaurant pay homage to Webster’s family. His father and grandfather were restaurateurs. His mother and grandmother taught him to cook when he was very young, and they emphasized the importance of hospitality.
chef marcus
“The influence came from my family history as well as from my natural love of cooking and passion for food,” Webster said. “The whole thing about New Orleans is you just jazz up the food. It’s not too spicy; it’s just right. Southern hospitality is essential. It is our trademark.”
“We’ve had pretty amazing results,” Webster said of his French-, Creole- and Cajun inspired Southern cuisine. “It’s always fresh, it’s always tender and it’s always juicy. It’s a lot of love. It’s a passion, always has been. The fun of it is designing something that people have never witnessed before.”

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Thousand Oaks Acorn

During the holidays our home is filled with the delicious foods of the season. On Christmas Eve my family will gather together, anticipating a festive spread reminiscent of years past. While I love the traditional delicacies, this year I decided to jazz things up New Orleans—or more accurately—NAWLINZ-style. I’m serving gumbo from NAWLINZ Bistro in Newbury Park. During a recent lunch at the quaint restaurant, my husband and I made the decision after just a couple of bites of the NAWLINZ andouille sausage and chicken gumbo: We were breaking from tradition.
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Ventura County Star

Marcus Webster is upfront about not being from New Orleans, but he confidently spells the name of his NAWLINZ Bistro in Newbury Park in a way that natives will recognize as a familiar local pronunciation. Chef-owner Webster opened the spot in February and last month expanded the dining room and inviting patio.Webster, who passed by our table after we’d had a chance to sample his Bayou specialties and a Po’boy sandwich, mentioned his roots and some of his influences, which include Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Jamaica, as I recall, plus relatives and friends with home-cooking skills and recipes. Webster himself has used his background and experience to run several restaurants, the most recent in Lancaster.
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VC Reporter

Many of us from West County drive up the Conejo grade and when we see the Wendy Drive exit at Newbury Park, we know we are about halfway to Los Angeles, or finally within range of the Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center, or Cal Lutheran or some other seemingly distant Ventura County location. Now, however, there is a very good reason to exit the freeway at Wendy Drive and proceed just a little over a mile to a nondescript strip mall in Newbury Park. The reason: food. The restaurant: NAWLINZ Bistro, serving Cajun and Creole specialties.I’m definitely a fan of the cuisine, and have now a become a major aficionado of the restaurant. Co-owner and chef Marcus Webster is creating outstanding food at incredibly reasonable prices, and if the occasional lines at the door are any indication, Newbury Park (at least this restaurant) will soon become a favored dining destination. A friend who teaches at CLU turned me on to this hidden gem; he eats lunch there several times a week.
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